Dr Ted Williams


Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

In Brief...


My life before being a Christian was one controlled by my impulses. I was a moral relativist. Nearly any action was justifiable. My only morality was cause and effect, risk and benefit. I was indulgent and self centered. All the while I appeared to be a nice guy to my friends and family. I was fundamentally discouraged by the bleak, pointlessness of life. I was tossed by waves of my passions.

Coming to Christ rebuilt the foundation of my life.

Hope has been the watchword of my life since coming to Christ. I have many struggles with purpose, balance, and what it means to be a Christ-follower. I struggle with how to act, with the questions I still don’t have answers to. There are days when I feel in step with God, others where I feel so far from Him. But at the end of the day, I have hope. Even though I don’t know all the answers and by behavior is far from perfect, I have hope for tomorrow.  My hope is in the promise that God, the creator of all things know and unknown, has power over all things, works in all circumstance, and is alive and active in my life.