Side Effects
  • Obstetrical paracervical block anesthesia


Procainamide C07401.gif
Isogramine 752Isogramine.GIF
  • In 1935, isogramine was synthesized by Holger Erdman
  • Lead compound for other Amide Local Anesthetics
Lidocaine D00358.gif see Lidocaine for the juicy details
Bupivacaine byoo-PIH-vah-CANE(Marcaine, Sensorcaine) C07529.gif
  • N-Butyl
  • No steroselectivity at active site
  • Longer duration of action than Lidocaine
Ropivacaine C07532.gif
  • N-Propyl vs N-Butyl
  • R Enantiomer contributes to Cardiotoxicity, so only administered as S isomer
Articaine D02991.gif
  • Thiophene ester hydrolysis leads to inactive metabolite
  • Use orally due to low Esterase activity in oral mucosa
Dibucaine C07879.gif
  • Flipped amide significantly extends duration of action
  • High Potency
  • Toxic

  • Therefore, only administered topically


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