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!!!Pharmacy Wiki

!!What is this thing?
 For those of you not familiar with this site; this is a wiki site (a
la Wikipedia) where anyone can add/update/edit information.  I created
this site with the intention of pharmacy student at Oregon State
University to work collaboratively to develop study tools and share
some of the grunt work of pharmacy school.  It turned into my personal
repository of pharmacy and professional resources.  Much of the
original material is organized according to the curriculum at Oregon
State University College of pharmacy.  I have included much of what I
learned during my residency and continue to add materials I discover
during my professional career.

 Given that I started pharmacy school in 2005, many topics are quickly
becoming dated.  But I continue to provide access to all of the
materials with the hope that others will be informed and inspired by
the potential of collaborative efforts.

!![BCPS Study Guide]

!![Oregon State Univeristy COP Student
!![Class of 2011
!!Class of 2010 Wiki (No longer available)
!![P1 Course Materials|2005P1CourseMaterials]
!![P2 Course Materials]
!![P3 Course Materials]
!![P4 Courses and Logistics]

!!What's Happening

!!Who's in charge here?
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