Specific Gravity S.G. = g/ml
w/v% g/dL or g/100mL
v/v% mL/dL or mL/100mL
w/w% g/100g
Trituration 10% w/w powder with 90% inert filler
Simple Dilution
  • VcDc = VdDd
  • (Volume Concentrate x Density Concentrate) = (Volume Dulute x Density Dilute)
Alcohol Dilutions
  • Alcohol dilutions can actually contract volume, so must QS, whereas aqueous solutions, you can just take the difference between the concentrate and the dilute solutions
Alligation Setup Alligation.png
Alligation Example AlligationExample.png
Isotonic Solution Preparation Isotonic.PNG
Miliequivalents 720Milliequivalents.JPG
How are mEq and mOsm different?
  • mEq are of a particular ion
  • mOsm are of total particles
Milliosmolarity vs milliosmolality
  • Molarity is by volume (per liter)
  • molality is by weight (per kg)
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